Lucky Jet
The simple but addictive gameplay at Lucky Jet attracts gamblers from all over the

Crash games have become popular in the last few years. The Aviator was the first to show up. The mechanics are very simple. A certain object rises on schedule, while the coefficient rises at the same time. The winnings that Aviator, a cash game similar to it, allows you to get consists of the product of the bet and the multiplier. You can withdraw your bet at any time. The key is to get it done before disaster strikes.

Games like Aviator for money

Aviator and similar games are different from classic video slots. Rounds are fast, the gambler decides for himself when to take the winnings – all this constantly attracts new players. The duration of the round is 1-20 seconds and two bets can be placed at the same time.

Lucky Jet is an analog of the Aviator game

The betting rules are very easy to understand. The player places a bet, his task is to collect the money before the crash happens. The main character, Lucky Joe, has to conquer the heights of the sky. As long as it goes up, the multiplier goes up, once Joe is in space – the payout is gone. Aviator cash game, similar games, including Lucky Jet, are characterized by a high RTP. The easiest and safest strategy for a gambler would be to withdraw winnings at the lowest odds. At Lucky Jet, the minimum odds are 0.1x. The maximum you can get is 100,000 times your bet.

Jet X is another game also along the lines of Aviator

Analogs of the Aviator game often use an airplane or rocket taking off. So in JET X, the player will have to guess when the virtual fighter jet will crash. His movement he sees on the radar. In the center of the screen is a multiplier that grows as the fighter goes higher and higher. In a short period of time, a player can get huge winnings. The key is to get the money before the plane blows up. In the sidebars you can see statistics on the players. The gambler has the possibility to make two bets per round, withdrawing them at different times. Set up automatic withdrawals if necessary. The maximum multiplier is 25000x. Rounds start automatically, between them the user has 5 seconds to place bets.

Rocket X

A game like Aviator is always exciting. Rocket X is unpredictable. It was created using the Provably Fair concept, which makes the results completely randomized. The main character is Ilon Musk, who is trying to go to space on a rocket. The high return rate allows players to make a profit in a short period of time. You can learn the rules in demo mode, for bets in this case use virtual coins. The maximum you can get is 10,000 times the bet made.

Space XY

Space XY is an Aviator-like cash game with a completely new approach to gameplay. There are no unnecessary buttons and tabs on the main screen. The user sees a radar window in front of him and blocks in which to place bets. As in the rest of the crash games, the gambler needs to manage to collect the bet before the round ends.

The main character is a jet rocket traveling into space. Her explosion could happen at any moment. Rounds start automatically, with a pause of a few seconds in between, during which players place their bets. Tours can be skipped if desired. The player sees the multiplier in the center of the screen. His winnings consist of the product of the bet and the odds, the winnings are calculated instantly. Users can take advantage of the double betting system. This is very convenient as you can withdraw them at different times.

Cash or Crash

Games similar to Aviator are hugely popular for a reason. The plots in them are different, but what they have in common is very short rounds. You can win in just a couple dozen seconds. The game is a very high risk/reward ratio. After the gambler places a bet, a ball is pulled out of the machine. If it is green, the player’s bet is multiplied by the current coefficient. In addition, the gambler moves up to the next level in the pay table. When the red ball appears, the bet is burned. The higher the gambler in the table – the bigger the potential winnings. A player can end a round on his own at any time.