Aviator promo codes

Promo codes are special combinations of symbols. They consist of numbers and letters. To get funds to your gaming account or free bets, you just need to enter it in a special field in your personal cabinet. When entering a promo code, you should act carefully, observe all sequences and registers. It can only be used once, and cannot be reactivated.

How to use promo codes?

Every gambler has the opportunity to apply a promo code to play Aviator. To activate it, all you need to do is follow the simple instructions:

  1. Choosing a casino. To do this, you can use specialized ratings. In addition, the user can also check various features on their own. A reliable online casino has a license, its activities are carried out legally. It is also worth paying attention to the catalog of games, the work of tech support, the number of payment methods and much more.
  2. Create a personal account. To register, you need to click the appropriate button on the home page. After that, a special form will open.
  3. Enter personal information. In the form, each field must be filled in. Usually required to provide email address, cell phone number, name, age, and other information.
  4. Enter the promo code. In a separate field, enter the combination of characters. It is imperative to check for accuracy.
  5. Finalizing registration. At this stage, the user verifies the validity of the data and confirms the creation of a personal account.

Some promo codes activate more than just when you sign up.

How do I calculate bonuses from a promo code?

When calculating the bonus, you need to consider the terms and conditions of the bonus. These can always be explored in the description of the bonus offer. Keep in mind that each incentive has a maximum amount.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use one promo code for multiple online casinos?

No, such actions are completely unlawful. Every casino distributes promo codes for holidays or during promotional campaigns. A user can only have one account. Re-registration to use the promo code is prohibited.

Does the promo code have an expiration date limit?

Yes, every promo has a use-by date. More details can be found in the terms and conditions of the grant.

Can the promo code be used in other games, not just Aviator?

Each promo code has certain terms and conditions, in some cases specifically stating how the funds or free spins can be used. If it is specifically stated that the reward is for the Aviator game, it cannot be used in other machines.

Can I withdraw bonuses?

Yes, if money is won through incentives, it can be withdrawn. But before that, the bonuses need to be wagered. You can specify the terms and conditions in the technical support service.