Strategies in the game Aviator

The Aviator game that came out a few years ago has captivated users. Rounds last a few seconds. During this time, the user can increase the bet dozens of times. The main thing is to get the money before the airplane disappears from the screen.

What are strategies?

Users can take different approaches to the game to increase their chances of winning. These are called strategies. They don’t guarantee victory one hundred percent, but they greatly increase the chances of it.

Tricks from experienced players

Thanks to Aviator, the approach to gambling has changed. Winning is not related to the experience of the gambler, it is possible to get a large sum by using different strategies or tactics. Patience and endurance will also be required. Experienced players recommend:

  • Bankroll management. It is impossible to win constantly at online casinos. The most important thing is to be able to stop before you go completely bankrupt. It should be determined in advance how much can be spent without breaking the budget. A game should always end with more than an empty score.
  • Study the tactics of other players. Watching the actions of other gamblers will help you better understand what is happening on the screen. In the built-in chat you can communicate with other players, learn new and useful information. It is possible to use the strategies of experienced gamblers, thanks to which the winnings will be withdrawn in a timely manner.
  • Launch demo mode. Aviator can be run in demo mode. In this case, the user does not risk his own money, for betting uses virtual coins. In a safe environment, he learns the rules, tests strategies and tactics. In demo mode, you can’t take advantage of casino bonuses and withdraw your winnings.
  • Use low multipliers. For beginners, the strategy of small bets will be maximally suitable. Thanks to it, the gameplay is maximized. Gamblers can take advantage of an up-to-date option with which they can track their betting history. In such a case, there is the possibility of identifying certain patterns.

You should not place bets while under the influence of alcohol. In such a case, the user does not focus well on the gameplay.

Most popular strategies for Aviator

In each machine you need to take risks, use tactics and strategies, analyze the stages passed. When using any strategy, one cannot guarantee complete success if the player does not analyze the data. Using observation and cold reasoning, the gambler determines his own style, gets the highest possible coefficients.

For one bid

Beginners are advised to use single bet strategies. Gamblers without experience find it difficult to keep track of all the important points. With such strategies, attention is focused on a single object. The user will be able to be in control and win with high multipliers. The most important thing is to determine the size of the bet. Strategies are divided into several groups depending on the level of risk:

  • Minimal. The player enjoys small odds. In this case, you can not win a large sum, but the duration of the gameplay increases. The balance sheet will gradually grow and financial losses will be minimized.
  • Moderate. This strategy is used by players with a large bankroll, for whom the loss of a certain amount will not be a financial disaster. Gamblers can expect higher odds, x2-x3.
  • Tall. Such tactics are not recommended for beginners. It is quite tough, designed for users who know how to wait. Their task is to expect x100 odds. Statistically, it falls out every 60-70 minutes. To win, you should scrutinize the winnings table carefully.

For two bets.

The player’s attention should be as focused as possible. Most gamblers are comfortable with moderate risk tactics. Experienced players recommend using autoplay and automatic withdrawal when the odds of x1.2 appear, and for the second bet use strategies with moderate risk. In this case, one of the bets is consistently a winning bet.

Recommendations from experienced players

While playing, you should always pay attention to advice from experienced users. They recommend:

  • Maintain low volatility. You should try to withdraw winnings with low multipliers. As a result, the user is in control of the win-win betting process.
  • Understand the meaning of RTP. While playing the game, the user gets some of the money spent back in the form of winnings. Thanks to the RTP, the gambler understands how much money he will be able to get.
  • Do not use game templates. The algorithm is based on a random number generator, and the results of each round are generated completely randomly. There’s no chance of the Aviator being hacked. There are no regularities to look for, there are none either.
  • Make two bets at the same time. Players have the option to wager two amounts at once. The user should be as focused as possible, as you need to keep track of several indicators at once. Their coefficients should be different. The former can be done on a low multiplier, up to 1.5, and the latter on a higher multiplier.

You don’t have to look for the perfect time to bet. To win, you should study all the rules, follow the advice, take a rational approach.

Known betting systems

A variety of strategies and tactics will help you become a winner. But you can’t rely on them alone, as they don’t offer a 100% guarantee. At the heart of some systems is a mathematical approach. Betting systems are popular:

  • Martingale. The strategy uses bets with negative progression, it is considered quite successful. In case of a loss, the bet is doubled. Once the gambler wins, he covers the losses and makes a profit.
  • Labouchere. The user makes a sequence of random numbers. It is necessary to take two extreme numbers, their sum will be the bet. After winning, they must be crossed off and the next pair must be taken. If you lose, the amount is added to the right side of the sequence.
  • Fibonacci. The player makes up a sequence of numbers. In this case, each next number consists of the sum of the two previous numbers. The coefficient shall not be less than 2.6. If the user wins, it goes back one step in the sequence. If he loses, he goes one step further, the bet is then increased.
  • Dalembert. A constant amount or unit is set, it remains unchanged when winning or losing. If the gambler loses, he doubles the base amount in the next round.
  • Passwords. The tactic was developed in the 16th century. During the game, each subsequent bet is doubled. This is done until three wins in a row occur.

How does the Aviator algorithm work?

At the heart of the automaton is RNG technology. It is the results from the random number generator that determines when the airplane disappears from the screen. Thanks to the algorithm, the legality and fairness of the game is ensured. No one can say with certainty when disaster will strike. This combines the server’s initial number with other data to produce a new value. You can check the honesty with the help of special programs.

Which casinos can you play Aviator at?

In order not to lose your own money, you should choose a reliable institution. There are hundreds of online casinos on the internet, but not all of them operate honestly. First of all, the presence of a license is of great importance, as it is thanks to it that the casino operates legally. This means that users will get the money they win. In addition, the software is constantly checked to ensure that there is no chance of forgery. Also to consider:

  • Availability of vending machines. Reliable online casinos offer thousands of machines from well-known manufacturers. They are checked and updated on a regular basis. There are also sections with live dealers and a variety of entertainment.
  • Payment Methods. It is convenient for users when they can choose the most suitable way of depositing into their gaming account. It is worth paying attention to how quickly funds are received. Usually the same payment method is used for deposit and withdrawal.
  • The work of tech support. Professionals should be competent, responding quickly to user questions. Since you may need help at any time, it is ideal to have support available around the clock.

Player reviews are not insignificant. Thanks to the positive and negative opinions, you can get a complete picture of the online casino.

Should you use predictive software?

Some users prefer to use various predictors. But they also don’t guarantee 100% accuracy. They can be used as an additional tool in a gambler’s rational approach to the game. Each user decides for himself whether to use the predictor or rely on his own intuition.


Aviator is a multiplayer game where you can win a large amount of money in a short period of time. The multiplier is constantly increasing and so is the gambler’s winnings. The RTP is 97%, which is above the average of other machines. Players can use the demo version to test their skills and strategies. You don’t even need to register at an online casino to run it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time to launch the Aviator?

There is no perfect time to start a game. A player places a bet when he is ready to do so. Winning depends on luck.

How to win at Aviator?

There is no secret or formula to the game. It is impossible to calculate the results that the random number generator produces.

Are there any secrets in the game Aviator?

Before betting, you need to spend some time learning the rules and features of the game. In addition, you should choose a trustworthy online casino. To get big wins, you need to take a strategic approach, systematize the game. A clear understanding of strategy is required, then the bankroll will not be lost. Players should definitely realize that online casino cannot be used to make a main income, it is only about entertainment.

How do you pass Aviator?

You need to familiarize yourself with the tips and tactics and then practice in demo mode.

Do predictive apps work?

No program gives 100% results. Software installed from unknown sources can harm the device, steal user’s personal information. The best option is to use your own intuition.