Lucky Jet

The simple but addictive gameplay at Lucky Jet attracts gamblers from all over the world. Its character is unpredictable, the odds are constantly growing, the player can rip off a score at any moment. Although winning depends on luck, it is possible to maximize your winnings through strategic thinking. 1win Lucky Jet is a game that never gets boring!

The advantage of the online game Lucky Jet

The main plus point of Lucky Jet 1win is its simplicity. Beginners will not need special skills and bets, with the rules they will quickly understand on their own. A definite advantage is that the player manages the bets himself. The winnings do not depend on the card or combination on the reel. Only the gambler decides when to take the money. The presence of the autoplay function simplifies the process considerably. It is enough to set the coefficient, when reached, the money will be automatically withdrawn. There are only positive reviews about Lucky Jet 1win,

How to play Lucky Jet

Lucky Jet 1win allows you to win big prizes. Every gambler has a chance. But it’s up to him when he hits the withdrawal button. The main character of the game is Lucky Joe, he goes on a flight. About Lucky Jet 1win reviews positive, the machine is characterized by high-quality graphics and unobtrusive soundtrack.

Keep in mind: if the player does not manage to withdraw money before the plane disappears from the screen, his bet will be burned. Various useful features can be enjoyed. The automatic game option can be used if you have a well-thought-out strategy in which you do not need to change the size of the contribution or payout conditions. The user sets the settings:

  • bet amount;
  • coefficient for withdrawal.

After that, all necessary actions will be performed automatically.

For maximum benefits, a player can make two bets at once in one round. They can be different sizes, hatching them at different times. The most important thing is to have time to keep track of both bets and collect your reward in a timely manner. Built-in statistics allows you to track the result, follow the actions of other users in the current round. You can communicate with players in real time through the general chat.

How to win at Lucky Jet

1 win Lucky Jet is a game of chance in which you can use strategies, thanks to them there is an optimization of the winning potential. You need to learn the mechanics of the game, the tendencies of previous rounds, and utilize various techniques. This is the only way to find the strategy that works best for Lucky Jet 1win. It should be remembered that the game should be responsible, the gambler determines the allowable budget and does not go beyond it. The following strategies are popular in the machine:

  • Х1.1. Such an approach is the simplest and most reliable. Using the 1.1 automatic multiplier, you can increase your initial bet in a few rounds. Although you can’t get much richer in one round with this kind of strategy, the income will be constant over a long period of time.
  • Game Plug. By allowing two bets at the same time, the chances of winning are doubled. To protect against loss, you will need to set an automatic withdrawal at odds of 2.0 for the first bet. The second one should be cashed out manually when the multiplier reaches 4-5. Even if it doesn’t work out, the first amount will cover the losses.
  • 3 к 1. Bets are made in different sizes. For example, on a larger bet use a low multiplier and on a smaller bet use a high multiplier. As a result, if disaster strikes before the multiplier value reaches a high level, the player will have the option of cashing out a larger bet with a lower multiplier. In doing so, losses are minimized.

If Lucky Jet 1win download, a win will always appear. Strategies can be changed, you can choose the right one with the help of demo mode.

Lucky Jet game rules

Understanding how to play 1win Lucky Jet is quite simple. Instructions can be run through the control panel. The player needs to select a bet and confirm it. After a few seconds the flight will start, you should observe the trajectory of the airplane and the increasing coefficient. As soon as the multiplier reaches the expected numbers, you should have time to press the withdrawal button. Lucky Jet 1win download is available on the official casino website. This will allow you to play anywhere you want from your mobile device.


The official website of the online casino provides links to social media pages. In addition, users receive a newsletter. It is in these sources that 1win Lucky Jet vouchers can be found. Activate the received promo code in your personal cabinet. After its confirmation, bonuses are awarded by the system.

1win Lucky Jet vouchers are valid for a limited time, this is something to keep in mind. As incentives, gamblers receive:

  • Real money. They are immediately credited to your gaming account and can be used for betting. Users don’t have to wagering them is an obvious advantage.
  • Deposit Bonus. The incentive is very lucrative, as the deposit is increased by a certain percentage.

Players also get other incentives, for example, freespins. Often promo codes are timed to coincide with certain holidays or promotional campaigns.

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