What is the Aviator game?

The developer of the crash game Aviator is the well-known provider Spribe. It immediately gained immense popularity all over the world. The game is featured in all trusted online casinos. Gamblers are attracted by the ease of operation and the possibility of winning a large sum in a short period of time.

Aviator overview

The multiplayer social game was released in a style that had not been used before. Users are watching a rising curve that could collapse at any second. As soon as the round starts, the multiplier scale increases as well. Before the plane takes flight, the gambler must place his bet.

Aviator is a simple but very addictive multiplayer game in which the user needs to follow an airplane taking off. The multiplier is represented as a curved line remaining behind the flying airplane. It is necessary to withdraw money before the airplane disappears from the screen.

Aviator refers to games with demonstrable integrity. All round results are created by a random number generator. They can be checked if you wish. Each round lasts a few seconds, after which players have time to place new bets. The winnings consist of the product of the bet amount and the odds that were on the screen at the time the withdrawal button was pressed. If the player doesn’t make it in time and the airplane disappears, the online casino wins.

How do I place a bet?

In order to bet in the Aviator game, you should select the amount and click the big “Bet” button. Gamblers can bet two different amounts at the same time. To add an additional betting panel you need to click on the icon located in the upper right corner of the main betting panel. This is to ensure that the player has the opportunity to pick up the wager at different times.

The minimum bet is 0.1 USD, the maximum you can bet is 100 USD. The multipliers go from x1 to x200. Statistically speaking, the rounds most often end with odds of 2-4.

Manual bets

When the user has decided to take part in the round, he just needs to choose a bet and click the “Bet” button. It is large in size, located underneath the playing field. In the Aviator game, two bets can be made at the same time. This will require the addition of a new bid panel.

Automatic inserts

Gamblers can set up automatic withdrawals on their own. You can do this in the game crash settings. It is enough to set the coefficient at which the round will automatically end.

What’s different about the game interface?

The Aviator crash game has a number of distinctive features. They are represented by:

  • In red and black. These primary colors are used for the design of the game. A bright red airplane stands out against the dark background and can be watched.
  • Ability to disable animation. The user in the settings can disable the animation if it is distracting. In this case, only the coefficients will be displayed on the screen.
  • Smoothness of the interface. It easily adapts to mobile devices.
  • Ability to view history. A player can easily see which bets he has placed last. In addition, he will see the results of other gamblers.

In the web version and the mobile app, the interface is virtually the same. Even a novice can easily figure out the crash game controls.

How is the Aviator game different?

The game is called provably fair. You can check each coefficient if you wish. Multipliers are not created by online casino servers, but by a random number generator. The game is a lot of fun, and users get a variety of rewards. It is presented in all legal casinos, as the manufacturer also has official licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I run the Aviator game?

You can launch the popular crash game on the official online casino pages. There is also an option to download a mobile app. In that case, you can play at any time. When looking for a reliable casino you should pay attention to various parameters, you should not forget about ratings.

Is it possible to run Aviator in demo mode?

Yes, the crash game is run in demo mode. At the same time, its functionality does not differ from the desktop version. The user does not risk his own funds. For bets use virtual coins, which the casino accrues in unlimited quantities. The gambler learns the rules, makes different sized bets, and develops strategies.

Is Aviator crash game legal in different countries?

Yes, the manufacturer has licenses from various regulators. In addition, the game is presented in reliable casinos that abide by certain rules. RNG technology is involved in the creation of Aviator, and its results cannot be faked or predicted.