Strategy and Tactics of Playing in Aviator

The gambling entertainment model is represented only on leading gaming platforms, among which 1win, Pin Up, and 1xbet stand out.

Some players believe that a certain game tactic helps them achieve their goals, while others do not use any secrets to play the game.

Online Aviator Crash is a popular and unpredictable game among modern players. However, many gamblers try to accurately calculate the flight time that the plane will perform in the current round.

Users of the cool slot machine often follow different action plans, which help them learn how to overcome losses and eventually win a decent cash prize.

Various tricks used for winning represent working tactical approaches. Aviator game strategy is a good way to influence the outcome of each round.

You can find out about its varieties right now.

Description of the Aviator Game

A professional review of the popular model provides gamblers with an opportunity to learn its features.

First and foremost, players should remember that despite the unique design of the slot machine, Aviator has game conditions that are understandable to everyone.

The “Red airplane” has already attracted thousands of users.

As the main character of the exciting crash model gains altitude, the coefficient, on which the bet will be multiplied if funds are cashed out in a timely manner, also increases.

A detailed description of the Aviator game from the provider Spriteb indicates that the x100 coefficient can be caught about once an hour.

At the same time, lower multipliers that multiply the starting bet several times delight players very often.

Rules of the Aviator Game

Mastering the gameplay conditions is within the reach of every player, even those who have no gambling experience. Only adult gamblers with a personal account on the platform can play the plane for money. It is advisable to do this after using the model’s demo version beforehand.

This helps players to understand the intricacies of the gameplay in advance. The Aviator game and the game rules are quite simple:

  • players’ bets are accepted before the aircraft takes off;
  • one or two bets can be placed per current round;
  • the duration of the round cannot be accurately predicted;
  • the game must be stopped while the plane is on the game field.

A profitable algorithm of actions for players allows them to avoid possible loss of bankroll. It involves minimizing potential losses.

To do this, it is advisable to fix a percentage of the total bankroll, set a certain goal for the day, and enter a clear timing using the model’s applications or browser versions. This helps to reduce the risks of thoughtless bets.

The “Minimum Risk” Tactic

The approach to organizing the game is based on automatically cashing out the bet at low coefficients. Since x1.1 and x1.2 multipliers pop up quite often, it is worth setting the “Auto Cash Out” to these indicators. Such a scheme of playing in Aviator is unlikely to allow earning a particularly large amount of money in the end, but it will definitely help to save the bank with a small bonus.

The “Moderate Risk” Tactic

Timely cashing out of winnings is especially important when using any Aviator game earning strategy. The x2-x3 multipliers belong to the medium risk level. These quotes appear in approximately 42% of rounds. Trying to catch slightly higher coefficients is reasonable in case of a long absence of a higher “x”.

The “High Risk” Tactic for Quick Earning

The strategy involves actively placing bets one hour after the last x100+ multiplier. You can find out the exact time of the high coefficient payout in the game chat.

The “Two Bets Strategy” in Aviator Game

Concentration with multiple simultaneous bets should increase significantly. Playing Aviator for x10 and how to play it are frequent player inquiries. Achieving this coefficient with moderate risk is possible with one auto-bet, and using the other with independent cashing out. The high-risk two-bet game involves cashing out one bet at x40 and the other at x100.


Choosing a tactical approach for playing Aviator should be based on a preliminary assessment of the player’s strength and abilities.

The slot machine belongs to the very gambling models, which should be taken into account before applying any of the strategies.

Testing your luck is advisable only after carefully studying the results of previous rounds. They are indicated in the top line of the game field and help prevent losing bets, promoting a cold calculation.

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